Microsoft Promise To Fix Forza Horizon 5's Word Filter

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Forza Horizon 5's gotten off to a solid start, quickly taking the record for Xbox Game Studios' largest launch day. Formally launched last week, we had positive impressions in our review, though it's not been entirely smooth for all players involved.

Some users highlighted how their names were deemed "inappropriate content" by Forza, stopping them from putting it onto registration plates. That includes Osama Dorias, game designer at WB Games Montreal. Nazih Fares, Head of Localisation at The 4 Winds, also noted this problem.

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Microsoft Promise To Fix Forza Horizon 5's Word Filter

Understandably, seeing your own name flagged as "inappropriate content" has caused upset, but this policy looks set to change. Confirming the news directly to Eurogamer, Microsoft revealed a fix is on the way, advising:

We are aware and are working on a fix to evolve and adjust our content moderation.

We've yet to find out when this change will be implemented, though we'd expect that to arrive as part of a larger future update. We'll keep you informed as we hear more about this story.