Forza Horizon 5 Casa Bella Location: How to Complete the #newdigs Challenge

Forza Horizon 5 regularly updates its seasonal challenges. Some weeks feature photo challenges requiring players to snap pictures of certain cars at certain locations. The #newdigs photo challenge asks you to photograph any car in front of the Casa Bella house. In this guide we've detailed its location, and how to complete the challenge.

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Casa Bella Location

First up, let's take a look at where to find the Casa Bella house. It's located in the Southwestern part of the map, with views over the town of Meluge. You can check out its exact location on the map below:

Casa Bella highlighted on the map of Forza Horizon 5.
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How to Complete the #newdigs Photo Challenge

To complete the #newdigs challenge just drive any car to Casa Bella. There are multiple buildings in this area, look for a small square-shaped building painted hot pink. Now, go into your main menu and scroll along to Creative Hub. You can access Photo Mode from there. Make sure the car and the house are both in the shot and you will be taken to a rewards screen.

Casa Bella with a blue sports car parked out front
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For completing the #newdigs photo challenge you will get the 'Welcome to Mexico' Forza Link Phrase, as well as some points towards your Seasonal Challenges. These refresh every Thursday, so make sure to take on as many challenges as you can. For more on how the Seasons change, head here.

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