How To Get The New Plasma Cannon In Fortnite

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The Fortnite 17.21 update wasn't that big of a deal. It made minor additions to the already awesome season.

However, there were a few interesting things that this update added to the game. One of them is the Bad News plasma cannon.


Everything we know about the Bad News plasma cannon

From what we've seen till now, the Bad News plasma cannon can already be found in Fortnite. This legendary weapon may have a slow rate of fire but it's absolutely devastating.

As seen in the video below, this weapon can be found in I.O. chests. You could also craft this weapon for yourself. All you need to do is grab an Alien Nanite, and a Legendary Pistol.


Combine those and you'll have made yourself a brand new Bad News plasma cannon.

It shoots out a ball of energy that obliterates almost anything in it's path. The only downside to this weapon is that it has a very slow rate of fire, and it's got a short range too.

The other downside of this weapon is that it's got a small clip size of five rounds only. I'm not sure about it's utility during the early game stages in Fortnite.

Moreover, ammo won't carry over to a fresh weapon. If you exhaust all rounds, you will have to get yourself a new plasma cannon in order to get fresh rounds.


But this weapon can be deadly during the late game stages, especially when it comes to taking down builds. Given the nature of the weapon, I just hope this doesn't get removed from the competitive playlist.

As seen in the tweet above, this weapon has some really impressive stats. However, it's best if you resorted to using this against builds only.

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