Where to find the IO Convoy in Fortnite Season 8

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Credit: Epic Games

After the major event that we saw in Operation Sky fire, the IO presence in Fortnite almost dropped. They still have a small presence on the island but that's negligible, compared to what they had last season.

However, at the start of Fortnite Season 8, the IO guards and Doctor Slone were seen moving along the island in a convoy, carrying alien scraps.


What they intend to do with these scraps is still unknown and the entire convoy is still on the move.

Where to find the IO convoy in Fortnite Season 8


The IO convoy started off at the Aftermath, and have now made their way to the Green Steel Bridge in Fortnite Season 8.

It's unlikely that they will be moving away from the island for good. Not only that, with the serious amount of IO tech that they're carrying, it's unlikely that they're up to any good at all.

That being said, the IO has made themselves home at a few new bases in Fortnite Season 8. These newly constructed bases have a host of IO guards.

In order to complete Charlotte's questline, you can visit any of these bases and eliminate a couple of IO guards. Moreover, Doctor Slone still has her Mythic Burst Rifle.

You could eliminate her to get that weapon for yourself. However, do remember that there are a few IO guards walking alongside her too. So if you want to take the fight to them, make sure you're completely loaded with weapons and ammo.

As mentioned before, we don't really know what Doctor Slone wants at this point of time. However, we're sure that we'll know more about their plans as the season progresses.


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