Where To Find Alien Weapons In Fortnite

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Credit: Image via Epic Games

Alien weapons are the newest set of weapons in Fortnite Season 7. Truth be told, there is only one alien weapon in Fortnite.

The others are generic weapons or the I.O. tech weapons that are mostly used in the game. Despite being just one weapon, the finding it can be quite baffling at times.


So where do you find these alien weapons in Fortnite?

Fortnite alien weapon locations

As mentioned before, the only alien weapon that you can find in Fortnite is the Kymera Ray Gun. Although finding this weapon can be complicated at times, there are multiple ways in which you can get it.

Here are the list of ways in which you can obtain the Kymera Ray Gun.


#1 Alien Trespassers

Alien trespassers in Fortnite Season 7 always carry the Kymera ray gun on them. In order to get this weapon, you will need to defeat these alien trespassers.


When it comes to finding these trespassers, you can come across them inside alien biomes. Other than that, you can also come across alien trespassers in UFOs that are flying around the island.

However, you will have to successfully shoot down the UFO in order to force the alien trespasser to get out of it. Once they're out, defeat them in a gun fight and the Kymera Ray Gun is all yours.

#2 Loot

The Kymera Ray Gun can be found on top of abductors in Fortnite Season 7. You could also come across one inside the loot chamber of the Mothership.


That being said, the abductors are disabled currently, so it may be difficult to obtain one via this procedure.

#3 Crafting

You can craft a Kymera Ray Gun for yourself as well. In order to do that, you need an alien nanite, and a SMG.

This will yield a Kymera Ray Gun.


#4 Zyg and Choppy

This NPC duo wields the most powerful Kymera Ray Gun of them all. The keep wandering around the island so it may be slightly difficult to locate them.

Here's a map with the current location of Zyg and Choppy. They are indifferent towards you. But yes, they will attack if you choose to attack them.

You can get your hands on an alien weapon via the above steps. So feel free to explore them. Once you've gotten one such weapon, all you need to do is damage an opponent with it, and you'll end up completing a Fortnite weekly challenge.


Good luck!

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