Where To Find Foraged Items At Corny Complex In Fortnite?

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Foraged items in Fortnite can be live savers. Although they've been here even before Fortnite Season 7, loopers rarely turn towards foraged items.

From filling shields to restoring health, these foraged items have interesting abilities.


In order to complete a Fortnite week 14 challenge, all you need to do is collect foraged items at Corny Complex. But where do you find these foraged items?

Where to find foraged items at Corny Complex?

As mentioned before, foraged items can be anything ranging from mushrooms to ears of corn. And since the place is known as Corny Complex, you are bound to find corn in abundance.

Not only that, if you keep your eyes peeled, you may get your hands on some apples and cabbages as well. Here's a map that will show you where to find all these little items.


Map showing all the foraged item locations at Corny Complex.
Image via Fortnite.gg

However, Corny Complex is in a run down state right now, so you might have to try a bit harder than before in order to complete this Fortnite weekly challenge.

When it comes to collecting the corn though, walk into the corn fields in and around this area and swing your pickaxe. The patch will start clearing and you'll find corn lying on the ground.


Alternatively, you could drive a vehicle into the corn fields at Corny Complex. That would work too. Collect four such items and you will have completed this challenge. And then you can move on to the next.

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