Where Is Sparkplug Located In Fortnite Season 6?

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Season 6 has shaken up the NPC locations on the map and even moved some OG ones to new locations.

While everyone has managed to find 45 NPC locations on the map, Sparkplug's whereabouts remains a mystery.


So where is the 17th NPC in Fortnite Season 6?

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Where Is Sparkplug In Fortnite?

Back in Season 5, Sparkplug was always located at a gas station.


She had three locations including:

  • Hydro 16 (to the West of Misty Meadows)
  • Lazy Lake
  • Weeping Woods

@iFireMonkey has noted that she doesn't spawn in v16.00, meaning the NPC Collection Book is impossible to complete right now.

According to @GMatrixGames, she does in-fact have spawn data.


She will appear at the same locations supposedly:

"Sparkplug - Power Dam, Lazy Lake, Weeping Woods"

It means that she may be added in during the v16.10 update that is due to arrive in the next few weeks.

It's a frustrating moment for Fortnite fans, but at least you can get 45/46 ready to complete your collection.


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