Here's Why Ninja Quit Competitive Fortnite For Good

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If you've heard of Ninja (which you should have unless you live under a rock), the Twitch star is best known for playing Fortnite.

Tyler Blevens rose to astonishing heights in terms of fame and popularity by playing the popular battle royale game, developed by Epic Games.


However, he quit competitive Fortnite for good despite that game playing a vital role in his success.

So much so, he's made it clear that he will never return again. But why?

Ninja Quits Competitive Fortnite For Good

"I will more than likely not return to Fortnite competitive" he answered in reply to a question on the topic.

Ninja started his competitive journey as a Halo player, so is well aware of the time, toll and sacrifices it takes to be the very best at your craft.

When will he return if at all? He claimed, "when it makes sense".

“Honestly, I don’t want to get sucked back into the competitive sh**,” he added.


Speaking from first-hand experience, that competitive drive never really goes and it's likely Ninja is just burnt out from years of gaming at 110%.

When you focus solely on one game, it can be draining and gaming is all about diversity and variety. There's a number of games and experiences Ninja may have had to put aside to become as good as he did at Fortnite and now he's taking a break to explore other games (as evident by the casual Final Fantasy stream).

The global pandemic has put a pause on the Fortnite World Cup for now, but don't be surprised to see him return once the next one is announced.