What Will Fortnite Announce At The Game Awards 2020?

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Chapter 2 Season 5 has now been released all over the world.

The new season is going to take us through the holidays and we are sure Epic has some Christmas-themed ideas in their mind.


One of them could be coming this week, as the annual Game Awards is being held on December 10th.

This is where Epic tends to make major announcements regarding the climate of Forrtnite.

So, what will they announce this year? 

Here's our best guess! 


Past Years

In previous years Epic has announced some significant features during the Game Awards.


During the 2018 show, they revealed the beloved POI The Block, this was a brand new POI added to Fortnite for almost two years.

2019 was the announcement of the Star Wars X Fortnite event which was massive and only the beginning of Epic's collaboration with modern-day brands.

So, it appears every year Epic has announced something huge at the Game Awards.



We know an announcement is coming this year thanks to Donald Mustard.

The worldwide creative director at Epic Games spoke on a podcast back in October.


Mustard did not go into much detail regarding the announcement, but we are sure it is going to be massive!


Possible Announcements

It is hard to say what Fortnite is going to announce this week.

Usually, they will announce something completely out of the box; so we have to try our hand at guessing.

Here are some possible ideas: 

  • The Block 2.0
  • More Marvel Skins
  • Star Wars Collaboration 
  • DC Collaboration 

We will have to wait and see what they announce this week!