What is Double Movement in Fortnite?

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Double movement is back for Fortnite keyboard and mouse players thanks to third-party software that players can use without fear of being banned.

ReWASD and Keys2xInput are two examples of applications that allow Fortnite KBM players to emulate controls that allow double movement, but what exactly does double movement entail?

Double Movement in Fortnite

Double movement is a style of movement players that use controllers can perform, allowing them to strafe and look around simultaneously.


This is incredibly helpful for building in Fornite during the heat of battle.

Double movement is possible for these players because of the analog joystick's flexibility on a controller.

Keyboard and mouse players only have four directional buttons: up, down, left, and right.

This means cannot perform double movement without a little help.

There used to be a mapping feature in Fortnite to allow KBM players the ability to double move, but Epic removed it toward the end of 2020, angering many professional players.

The video above gives some great examples of double movement, and how Fortnite KBM players can emulate their controls to receive the desired effect.

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Key Remappers

ReWASD screenshot
ReWASD: Gives KBM players double movement again in Fortnite

Third-party software, such as ReWASD and Keys2xInput, allow Fortnite players to assign more than one key to movement, allowing them to emulate controller movement and obtain double movement in-game.

There has always been a quest about whether or not using such software could get a player banned.


Recently BenjyFishy, a top Fortnite competitive gamer, assured players that it is OK and that he uses a key remapper when he plays.

Epic has no official comment on the subject yet, and there are currently no plans to re-enable binding actions to multiple keys in-game.

It is important to note that binding keys to perform multiple actions simultaneously, such as building complex structures, is a bannable offense.

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