Is Fortnite Revolutionising The Entertainment Industry?

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When it comes to the gaming industry, Fortnite has set a very high benchmark in terms of gameplay, with one of the most colourful, enjoyable battle royales out there, regardless of skill level.

Although some mechanics may not be unique, Fortnite has still managed to execute them with a whole host of pop culture guest appearances, including the occasional virtual concert – most recently starring global superstar Ariana Grande.


And from the looks of it, these concerts might as well be the future of entertainment.

Is Fortnite Revolutionising The Entertainment Industry?

There have been a few concerts in Fortnite already. Marshmello was the first one to have a virtual concert followed by Diplo, Travis Scott and now Ariana Grande.

These concerts grant users a very unique experience. Although the experience differs from that of a proper real world concert, these virtual concerts are one of a kind.


And it's not that these concerts aren't popular. The numbers speak for themselves.

But how do these concerts pave the way for the future?

Until now, most concerts were done in person. Thanks to the pandemic, everything was forced to go digital. Live concerts these days look like regular videos, and you can't really interact with the artists themselves like you would do during a regular concert. Even VR gigs are very siloed experiences – usually with many viewers watching a performer from the same spot.


When compared with a live concert, these Fortnite concerts come out on top primarily because of the user experience that they offer. Players can fly closer to Ariana Grande, wear a skin that matches her style, and generally just enjoy being around other players.

Secondly, the DMCA wouldn't really come into play with such virtual concerts. In the case of Fortnite, attendees would be required to log in to the game to attend the concert. They needn't tune in to a separate stream.

A prime example of the DMCA can be drawn from the incident where the official Twitch Gaming channel ended up muting Metallica's performance during Blizzcon 2021.


Twitch has been in all sorts of hot water when it comes to the DCMA. With virtual concerts such as the ones in Fortnite, these issues can be avoided to an extent.

That being said, this entire line of thought is still very nascent. Now, we can't really expect too many concerts in Fortnite, because at the end of the day it is a concert.

However, the entertainment industry could definitely take an example from these concerts and apply it to their future concert plans. It's worked for Epic Games and Fortnite this far, and I think it will definitely work for others as well.

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