Fortnite x Universal Pictures: We Will Be Monsters Animated Miniseries To Feature In Shortnitemares

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Epic Games and Universal Pictures are set to release their latest collaboration, "We Will Be Monsters". An original animated short-form miniseries that will present iconic monsters such as The Mummy, Dracula, Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein in a modern light!

Rick Famuyiwa, director of The Mandalorian, took charge of the miniseries. The series will reimagine the narrative with new multiethnic background stories for every monster. The initial Universal Monsters movie did not feature a diverse character pool and was built on specific tropes which everyone couldn't relate to.

The four-episode mini-series will present a global take on these characters by incorporating iconic locations like Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Morocco, and Lagos. At the same time, fans can expect to see major diversification in characterization keeping in tune with all the appropriate monster customs.

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Fortnite x Universal Pictures: We Will Be Monsters Release Date

We Will Be Monsters is set to breathe new life to old tales reimagined for modern times, eliminating all the pre-existing notions for character development and storytelling.

The first episode of We Will Be Monsters is scheduled to premiere on 28th October 2021, in Fortnite's Shortnitemares Festival. From a gamer's perspective, players will be able to purchase these iconic monster outfits after the first episode release.

The first episode will feature a reimagined story for the Bride of Frankenstein and Dracula. Fortnite players will find outfits for both characters in the item shop once the episode drops. Episodes two, three and four will be released early next year, giving fans a lot to look forward to.

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Fortnite x Universal: Story And Cast Of We Will Be Monsters

In an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Universal Filmed Entertainment Group president Abhijay Prakash revealed how the idea was to merge narrative storytelling with gameplay.

Prakash's team worked with Epic’s Unreal Engine and animation vendor Plastic Wax to create the mini-bites of animated and CG stories. He said, "This is another manifestation of our monsters and they have never been depicted this diverse."

The miniseries will revolve around four pivotal characters from the monsters. The voice cast will include prodigious stage talents like Chemon Theys (the Bride), current Hamilton actor Victory Ndukwe (Frankenstein’s Monster) and Emmy Saheki (the Mummy). Jermaine Stegall worked on the score, who in 2018 took part in the studio’s composers initiative that tackled diversity and gender representation in that field.

For the average Fortnite fan, this marks as one of the biggest moments in the game's history. A miniseries that will feature inside the game with iconic characters which can be acquired as outfits - can't get any better than that.


Fans are also eagerly waiting for the Fortnite Movie which is still a speculation for most. Only time will tell if any of these speculations hold water, but for now, players are quite excited to watch We Will Be Monsters on Shortnitemares!

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