Unconventional Landing Locations in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7

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Where players choose to land on Apollo Island is just as important to any Fortnite match as what happens after they actually do.

While there are many popular spots to land, such as Holly Hedges, Pleasant Park, Retail Row, and The Spire, there are lots of other places players can land, fully gear up, and rotate out to start their match with several different advantages.


Here is a list of unconventional landing locations in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6, in no particular order.

Unconventional Landing Spots

While there are plenty of areas to land in Fortnite, these locations offering varying degrees of strategic advantage and should not be overlooked.

Red Steel Bridge Slurp Truck

Red Steel Bridge Slurp Truck location
LOCATION: The truck is on the southern end of Red Steel Bridge

The Slurp Truck south of Red Steel Bridge carries over from the Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6 unconventional landing locations list.

Located on the southern end of Red Steel Bridge, the Slurp Truck is a great place to land, get up to max shields, and rotate to Pleasant Park, Boney Burbs, Sweaty Sands, or Risky Reels.


This gives players a lot of choice of how they would like their match to play out, whether they want to go for quick eliminations or search for more gear to prepare themselves for the long game better.

Players often underutilize Slurp Trucks, and many go untouched for entire matches.

While any Slurp Truck will offer Fornite players a great advantage at the start of a match, the one near the Red Steel Bridge offers the best rotation options.

The Orchard Cabbage Patch

Fortnite Orchard location
LOCATION: The Orchard can be found just north of Corny Complex

Another great spot that carries over from last season is the Orchard.

The Orchard's cabbage patch often contains ground loot in Common or Uncommon weapons and sometimes shields.


The main draw here is the plethora of cabbages for players to forage, earning a great amount of easy XP, especially when players have an XP surge.

The rest of the Orchard also contains tons of forage items, as well as a bunch of chests and plenty of ammo canisters.

Players who land here also have easy access to the Farmer's Market and Pizza Pit and Corny Complex to the south or an IO Base to the North.

Shipwreck Cove

Fortnite Shipwreck Cove
LOCATION: A quiet cove on the south east of Apollo Island

Shipwreck Cove is an almost forgotten area of Apollo Island that rarely sees any action at all.

While the area is not the easiest to rotate out of, there is plenty of loot to snag before heading into a match.

The entire cove and surrounding buildings contain a fair amount of weapons, shields, and gold bars for players to stock up on before making their way inland.

Fortnite fans will need to be quick, as Shipwreck Cove is not a place to get stuck once the storm starts to close in.

Guardian of the Lake

Fortnite Guardian of the Lake location
LOCATION: Right in Lazy Lake

While the Guardian of the Lake POI does not house a Spire Guardian anymore, the island still contains plenty of loot, a campfire, and the launching pad that will lob players toward the center of the map.

It is a great place to gear up and quickly get away from the carnage that is most likely happening in Lazy Lake or Misty Meadows.


Of course, it is just as easy to join the mayhem, taking out players trying to flee by swimming away from either location.

The Guardian of the Lake also offers easy access to Hydro 16, where quick players have a chance to grab the Mythic Zig & Choppy's Ray Gun.

Greasy Graves

Fortnite Greasy Graves location
LOCATION: The western end of Weeping Woods

Greasy Graves offers many of the benefits of landing in Weeping Woods without putting players directly into the line of fire.

There are plenty of mushrooms to help boost players' shields, and the location offers easy access to The Durrr Burger, Weeping Woods, Shanty Town, and Slurpy Swamp.

After loading up on items, plentiful fireflies easily allow players to burn most of the forest down, hopefully damaging other players in the process.

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