UFOs In Fortnite Can Revive Downed Players

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A Fortnite UFO might be a blessing or a curse depending on your perspective. Community members are primarily pleased with Fortnite Season 7, and it feels like the game is fresh again. There is, unfortunately, a vocal minority who dislikes UFOs in the game.

Nevertheless, a player has discovered a way to use the mothership to their advantage. Despite not being enough to make many people begin to like UFOs, this can be extremely helpful. This is, without a doubt, the best strategy to use when you're about to lose.


Fortnite player discovers a way to revive themselves using UFOs

u/MattDraws shared a clip from a recent Duos match in which he lost health after being knocked down by another player a few weeks ago. The player hid near a UFO and awaited his inevitable death, or so he thought. MattDraws noticed that the nearby mothership was abducting him instead of being eliminated.

Players cannot drive larger UFOs, and they are considered a nuisance by many. Since the recent update v17.10, they have appeared on the map. Not to be confused with the UFOs that players can drive, these specific UFOs serve as vessels for abducting players to the giant mothership above the island.


Before MattDraws arrived on the mothership, he was revived and then able to get back into the game. The player narrowly avoided being eliminated because of this. Additionally, this became one of the best exploits in Fortnite, as now the player gained access to great weapons.

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Many Fortnite players have documented their own experiences with the mothership to prove this does indeed happen. One player commented:

"Someone downed me in duos today and out of nowhere I got abducted and was like no f**king way."

Yet another user seemed disappointed that there wasn't a one-size-fits-all approach to this. This is what they said:

"I appreciate hyper specific scenario information like this. You never know, this might actually come in clutch one day."

Obviously, it is not always possible to predict when the mothership might abduct you. Even so, that does not mean we should give up on this method; a possibility is still a possibility. By remaining in a location that has an Abductor floating above it, you can increase your chances of this life-saving revival occurring to you.


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How do you get adbucted by a UFO in Fortnite?

Even though this season has been around for a while, many players are still unsure about how to interact with UFOs. From which UFO is which to how to drive one, there's a lot of questions that some players still have. Luckily, we here at GFinity have the solutions!

We have a guide around this method here at GFinity, so we already have the clutch that players need. We've put together the best way to be abducted by the mothership in Fortnite: How To Get Abducted By Aliens UFO In Fortnite?