Trading in Fortnite is Easier in Chapter 2 Season 5

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Trading has always been difficult in Fortnite, so much so that many believed it just wasn’t possible.

Though somehow in Chapter 2 Season 5, it has seemingly become a lot easier to do.


We aren’t sure why but we’re to explain what trading is and try to speculate what might have changed.

Here’s everything we know right now!

What is Trading?

Trading in this sense isn’t like giving Gold Bars to the NPCs for weapons and help.


In this instance, trading is instead the trading of eliminations.

Your enemy may get you, but you get your enemy too.

You’ve traded one kill for another.


It’s particularly common in snapshooters like Call of Duty, where you and your enemy are matched in reaction times, but in Fortnite, it has always been hard.

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What Has Changed in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season5?

We aren’t too sure why trading has been hard in Fortnite until now.


It’s always just been anecdotal that you haven’t been able to do it, somehow the game decides one person will live and the other won’t.

Because of this it’s hard for us to pinpoint what settings have been tweaked, but it may have something to do with lag?

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Our best guess would be that given the number of NPCs the game now has to track, at least 40 on top of the IO Guards that spawn and obviously the nearly 100 players, Fortnite has become slower.


This lag could cause the system to log both players as having fired at the other at too similar a time to differentiate, causing them both to get killed.

Whatever the reason, hopefully this will get patched soon, as trading just isn’t fun in shooters, especially not a battle royale like Fortnite.

We’ll keep you posted as we wait for more!