Top 5 Tips To Increasing Your Chances of A Victory Royale In Fortnite Season 7

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Top-level players know the best ways to win Fortnite, and these are the methods used by the best players. If followed, the tips below will help players reach the end game almost every single time. In Fortnite, reusing methods to win may seem boring, but they're used because they work.

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Camping is the most effective way to win in any game, despite being controversial. The use of a house or bush as a form of cover is effective in any fight, even if it's cowardly. If players camps in a bush, two enemy players can fight until one remains. The player will then be able to get the remaining health of the remaining opposing player. It may not be fair, but in desperate times, you have to take desperate measures.

Stick to a landing zone

Picking a random landing place is okay if it's just a game. For players to have an advantage, they must focus on one spot and need to know where all their resources are. They can find a place that's perfect for their playstyle and preferences.


They like its weapons, it's perfect for the type of combat they're used to, and its enemies are just the right number. Each player has their preferred landing zone, but avoiding firefights early on is always the best idea.

Utilize the aliens

I'm not saying to use every bit of alien weaponry you see, but if there is a spare UFO, get in. Fortnite gave players crazy weapons from the aliens and it would be foolish not to jump at it when you're lucky enough to get them. Also, by crawling to a mothership after being knocked down, players get a second chance at life.

Just know that these UFOs are now the big bosses of the arena, use them to your own advantage.


Defend yourself by building

When it comes to Fortnite, building is crucial to winning. Several players have tried not to build, and many have failed because Fortnite is known for its building. The chances of players winning a victory royale are slim if they don't like to build. Sweats out there can build an entire warehouse to fight you in, so you better match that energy.

Keep organized with weaponry

​Organize your weapons so that they are useful. In order to get more shots out instead of reloading, the player must switch weapons quickly. Players may lose their chance at a kill if they accidentally switch to a sniper rather than a shotgun. Before picking up a slot, players should always organize their slots, so they know where everything is.


Although some things are not specifically mentioned, the players should make sure they don't open themselves up to attack. Additionally, they shouldn't wait to leave the storm until the very last moment. It's a good idea for staying alive, but not for beating the other players. I'm focusing on winning strategies.​

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