This Fortnite Artist Has Had Three Skins Added Into The Game

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Since the release of Fortnite, the gaming industry has seen an expediential growth in the popularity of cosmetic items.

The daily item shop is something fans wait for every day, and we love to see new skins added in the store. 


Now more than ever are we also seeing artists showcase their work all over social media, and some have even been graced with the opportunity to have their art featured within Fortnite.

Shark or sharktoofs1 is one of these artists, the 23-year-old from Florida has some of the most recognizable skins in Fortnite and gave us the chance to speak to him regarding his success. 

Here is our exclusive interview with Shark, and be sure to check out their work and support them with the following links!

Twitter: sharktoofs1Epic Support A Creator Code: sharktoofsLink to Shark's portfolio: Sets Shark has added into the game: Special Delivery, Feeding Frenzy, and now the Bedhead Brigade set


Q: First off for those who do not know; tell us a little bit about yourself. What you do, background, and really what got you into creating concept art.

Shark: Hi I go by Sharktoofs over on Twitter, I’m a 23 year old freelance artist from Florida. Fortnite really is what got me into concept art. I’ve completely fallen in love with the game and all of the art that comes with it. I saw how unique and goofy their cosmetics were and I wanted to give a try at making my own.


Q: You are among one of the lucky few who have had skins implemented into the game. More recently, we just witnessed another one of your creations added to the item shop. What has it been like to see something you have worked on in the game?

Shark: It’s a feeling I really can’t explain. For sure something you don’t get over. Getting into a game and seeing someone rocking a cosmetic you made is an incredible feeling that I hope all concept artists get to experience.

The Special Delivery Set: A personal favorite that has received special styles since it has released! 


Q: Relating to your success in developing Fortnite concept art, what has the process been like working with Epic to get these skins into the game. And for those who do not know, do they reach out to you, or talk us through this process! 

Shark: They do in fact reach out to you! There isn’t much of a process other than posting something you enjoyed making and being fortunate enough to have Epic reach out to you. The team over at Epic is amazing and it’s incredible they’ve given the artists in the community such amazing opportunities. 


Q: The Fortnite community can be a mixed bag, depending on the day and the people you talk to. But, it appears you have a stable following with over 23,000 Twitter followers at the moment, including D3NNI who we also interviewed. What has it been like with the public reception of your skins, and what is it like talking to other artists within the industry? 

Shark: It has been incredible. I cannot believe so many people enjoy the work I do, including some insanely talented members of this community. The artists in this community are some of the most talented people I’ve gotten the pleasure to know. Everyone who makes Fortnite art has so much they’re bringing to the table, I look up to quite a few of them. It’s so surreal being able to just chit chat with an artist I really admire.

The most recent set Shark has added into the game. The Bedhead Brigade set! 

Q: Talk me through the process of designing one of your Fortnite skins, what applications do you prefer to use, and how long does it take to typically make a concept?

Shark: I use Paint Tool SAI 2 for all my concepts, I’ve tried a few other programs but this is the one I feel most comfortable with using. It typically takes 3 to 6 hours per concept, it really just depends how many drawings the concept takes and whether or not I have a polished idea in my head.

Q: Do you have any long term plans when it comes to designing art, would you want to work at a game studio down the line. Would you like to one day work for a games company, or continue freelancing? 


Shark: At the moment, my end goal is to work at Epic Games, specifically for Fortnite. I’m in love with the way they do things and how they’re consistently breaking the mold of how to run a game. 

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Shark's most recent concept; Sgt. Summer!

Q: Do you have any plans within the next couple of months to a year in regards to art, or are there any special projects you would like to talk about? 

Shark: My plan is to perfect my style for concepts. I’m working on making my concepts look and feel as professional as possible. No special projects as of yet though.

Q: Thanks again for taking part in this interview! Do you have any shoutouts you want to give or say anything to your rising fan base?


Shark: Thank you so much for having me! It’s been a real pleasure and I’m grateful to have been given this opportunity.

Firstly, a huge shoutout to my good friend D3NNI! He’s been a huge inspiration to me since I started my Twitter journey and has always been incredibly supportive. I also want to thank people like Nancy, Taylor, Mehri, Jack, Madison, Aze, and Swigs who have continuously supported me and been great friends. Finally, I want to give a shoutout to @pulso__o over on Twitter. He’s incredibly underrated and one of the most humble guys I know.


We want to send a massive thank you to Shark for taking part in this interview, and we hope to see another one of their skins added into the game soon!