The Most Sexy Fortnite Skins 2021

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We know this is a question that has been on everybody’s minds since launch. It’s perhaps the most important question from any game.

What character is the sexiest?


We’re here to today to tell you just that and reveal once and for all which are the most sexy Fortnite Skins!

We’ve looked at every skin currently available in Fortnite Battle Royale and come up with our top picks, here they are:


Mave is a powerful warrior, the Wildheart defender of the Tempest Jungle and pulls off her style impeccably. She’ll be able to keep you safe and provide for you, Mave’s just the whole damn package.



Menace is much like Mave, an unbeaten warrior, and has the rippling abs to back up those feats. A few knocks to the head in the Colleseum might mean his chat isn’t the best, but that’s not why you’re dating him is it?


I’m not saying we’re gold diggers, but a man that can bring you a gold version of anything has his perks! Sure Midas won’t save from a shark attack, but he will come back from the dead to see you again, that’s big sexy energy right there!

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Mullet Marauder


A man who knows how to work and play with that hairdo, the Mullet Marauder has to be one of the sexiest Fortnite skins by far! He shows that style never goes out of fashion and just look at that moustache, did someone turn up the thermostat in here?

Cuddle Team Leader

What’s got more sex appeal than a teddy bear who always just wants to cuddle? Nothing, that’s what! Cuddle Team Leader will always be there to support you emotionally and with Leader in their job title they likely have great job prospects so can support you financially too. That’s super-duper sexy!


People will often say they want a beefcake, but what they really want is a Mancake. He’ll even serve you up a mean breakfast in the morning, what isn’t sexy about that?


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Though if you are still looking for a beefcake, why not get a beef burger with the smokin’ hot Sizzle! Honestly, what’s sexier than a burger? Her name even relates to hot things, how can she not be sexy!

The Brat

And finally, the winner of Fortnite’s most sexy skin is, of course, The Brat. He’s got everything, style, cooking ability and he even takes his out off when he comes indoors (so he’s well mannered). We have no more comments to make, if you're thinking something crude that's on you!