How To Get The Black Widow Skin In Fortnite

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Back in the day, Black Widow was one of the most popular skins in Fortnite. It was last seen in 2019, which is almost over 700 days ago.

Although there's the Snow Suit variant of the Black Widow Fortnite skin, the original one still remains popular.


The Snow Suit variant was seen in the Fortnite item shop around three days ago. However fans still crave for the OG Black Widow Fortnite skin.

Will we see the Black Widow skin return to the Fortnite item shop?

The Black Widow movie saw it's initial release on July 7th. Given that the movie has just dropped and her newer cosmetics also came back to the Fortnite item shop, it makes sense if her old skin also returned.

According to Fortnite data miner ShiinaBR, a new Black Widow section was added to the API. This could be an indicator that the Black Widow Fortnite skin also makes a return.


Since it's coming to the Fortnite item shop, there probably won't be any tournament associated with it. Epic Games usually conducts tournaments and hands out these cosmetics for free to loopers who rank high.

Had that been the case with the Black Widow Fortnite skin, we'd have known already. So, I'm also guessing that the skin will be restricted to the Fortnite item shop only.


When it comes to the pricing of the skin, back in 2019 the skin was priced at 1,500 VBucks. I'm assuming that this time around, if the skin does return, it'll be priced in the same window.

That being said, there's still a chance that the skin might not return at all. Epic Games doesn't really prefer recycling old skins too much. And the Black Widow Fortnite skin might receive a similar treatment like the Renegade Raider skin.


Either way, we'll still have to wait and watch.