Teen Titans Beast Boy Coming to Fortnite

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Two more comic teasers posted shortly after the first featuring Rebirth Raven have popped up on the Fortnite Twitter account.

These new images feature Beast Boy, and a new leak suggests a new Teen Titans Cup is on the way.

Could this mean Beast Boy is headed to Fornite?

Beast Boy Arrives on Apollo Island

The two newest teasers on Fortnite's official Twitter feed follow up the first reported earlier, showing a form emerging from the Storm at the top of The Spire.

This form turns out to be Teen Titan's Beast Boy, frequent romantic interests of Raven.

These two images bring up more questions about what is coming to Fortnite, though a Beast Boy skin is most likely on the horizon.

With a familiar, yet new look for Fortnite, Beast Boy greets Raven with a smile, but how did he get to Apollo Island?

This brings up questions about how Raven got there in the first place as well.

Is she the one responsible for the current rifts that pulled Batman, Catwoman, and Harley into the world of Fortnite?

Was it because she longed for Beast Boy?

Or maybe she is just taking advantage of the current situation to reunited with her love once more.

It feels like there is most certainly a tie-in with Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point here somewhere.

Teen Titans Cup

Data miners and leakers have revealed a Teen Titans Cup is on the way, giving Fortnite players a chance to earn Beast Boy before he enters the Item Shop.

This is often a tactic Epic Games uses to get players more excited about upcoming cosmetics, frequently holding LTMs to earn new ones before anyone else can get their hands on them.

Will there be more Teen Titans on the way?


With Raven and Beast Boy in Fortnite, conveniently at the same time as Batman, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Deathstroke (a major villain for the Titans), could we see Cyborg, Terra, Starfire, or a new Robin join the fight?

This Season's DC tie-in, while much different than the previous one, is shaping up to be exponentially more interesting than the last time we saw the comic publisher's characters show up on Athena Island.

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