The Problems With Taming Wildlife In Fortnite

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Taming animals in Fortnite was something that gave the game a refreshing twist during the previous season. While some of the animals may have carried over to the current season, taming them isn't as simple as it was before.

Taming an animal in Fortnite can result in some really interesting scenarios in the game. Although not many loopers do it, these animals can often help win a game, or at least a battle in Fortnite.


Is taming wildlife more difficult in Fortnite right now?

Since the primal weapons went away this season, the animal parts went away with them. It didn't make sense to have these animal parts in the game especially when you cant' use them for much.


The departure of the animal parts meant that you couldn't craft the Hunter's cloak anymore. The Hunter's cloak was an essential bit of gear in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6. It helped us tame wild animals with ease.

With the Hunter's cloak gone in Fortnite, we just have to rely on more traditional ways of taming animals: using meat/cabbage as lures. Personally, I haven't tried taming a boar with cabbage, but I've had success in taming a wolf with meat.

It works similar to using a Hunter's cloak. All you need to do is throw the meat to the wolf and that'll distract them. Now you approach them and tame them. But this window is very short. Apparently, the wild animals in Fortnite have the attention span of a goldfish. Thus, you need to be quick in your approach.


This is the primary reason why Epic Games chose to disable the "Tame Wildlife" quest that you could pick up from Sunny. Completing this quest rewards you with 120 gold. However, since you can't tame animals with ease anymore, this quest had to go.

That being said, you still can tame animals in Fortnite. It's just more difficult to be successful in it right now. Where's Tarzan when you need him?