Fortnite Pro Gets Criticized for Missing FNCS To Put Down His Dog

In a Twitter rant, Fortnite pro Jonathan "Calc" Weber lashed out at a member of his trio team, "Reducs," for opting out of the Championship Series on account of putting down his dog. Reduce explained that his childhood pet, his best friend, would need to be laid to rest. In a since-deleted tweet, Calc responded with, "I just don't understand why you have to miss heats for this."

To quote ZLaner, "Anyone that has owned a pet knows that s**t is family." People get more pets, but they don't replace the ones they had. If you've ever owned a pet, you'll understand the pain of losing it.

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Fortnite Pet

Calc has deleted many tweets since then, but the community has kept them to hold him accountable. Here's Reducs' original tweet:

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Here's the response, which was saved by a great guy named Hunter, a host of Esports Talk:

Many people who saw the responses were hurt and disappointed. One of them was Jack' CouRage JD' Dunlop, whose response was quoted by Calc:

Those who don't know, Calc makes inappropriate comments, such as this one after the death of Chad Bostwick. We will only comment on the situation itself by wishing Reducs the best and expressing our sorrow for his loss.

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