Players Discover Fortnite Season 7 Exploit Which Lets Players Use Unreleased Alien Weapons

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It is a given in this industry that games have bugs and glitches, and Fortnite is no exception. Bugs and glitches can, however, be a far bigger nightmare in multiplayer games like Fortnite. Numerous balancing and adjustment steps are crucial to a multiplayer game. Bugs can ruin these processes.

Unfortunately, players have discovered an exploit that gives them an unfair advantage. Fortnite's alien weapons and Mothership mini-game have a recent bug causing players to receive items they cannot collect yet. Currently, players have a systematic way of obtaining alien weapons and items, and it will take a few days before this is removed.


Fortnite Glitch gives players unreleased weapons

The alien theme in Season 7 has brought an unprecedented amount of content, as many have discovered. Fortnite's weapon pool is being expanded with new weapons created with Alien Nanites, IO Tech Weapons, and more.

Two of the weapons or items, the alien knockgun launcher, and the jetpack, can only be found in the mini-game for collecting orbs. These weapons should be exclusive to the Mothership, but a glitch has allowed players to obtain them in the main game.

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This YouTube video details the steps necessary to take advantage of this glitch:

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of something like this for Fortnite. It's a way for someone to cheat their way into winning a battle royale, so I would not be surprised if some players got banned. The Fortnite team tends to fix exploits shortly after discovering them, so it will be gone soon.

It is not yet clear how well the glitch works or if it is possible to twiddle the timing. This glitch will certainly reward Fortnite players who are looking for an edge in the game. Again, we don't recommend it due to the possibility of a ban from Epic Games, as this is clearly a violation of their terms of service.

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