Nickelodeon Teases a Potential SpongeBob X Fortnite Collaboration

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When it came to Fortnite, Epic Games never shied away from any collaboration whatsoever. And if the current teasers are to be true, we might soon be seeing SpongeBob in Fortnite.

Chapter 3 is finally underway and we're seeing a lot of interesting things unfold in the new chapter. If SpongeBob does turn up on the island, it'll be a cherry on the cake.

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When is SpongeBob coming to Fortnite?

There isn't any estimated date of arrival for this character in the game as of now. In fact, this character was teased a few months back.

Truth be told, it was a reverse teaser of sorts. The teaser was found in a trailer for Nickelodeon's game called Portal Chase.

The opening image in the trailer bears a massive resemblance to the Fortnite island. In fact, the players are on top of a floating vehicle which is almost like the Battle Bus itself.

Given that the trailer is a bit old, it's slightly surprising that SpongeBob in Fortnite isn't a reality yet. However, since a collaboration between Paramount Pictures and Epic Games is on the cards, there is a high chance that SpongeBob in Fortnite will soon be a reality.

Secondly, Epic Games could have sued Nickelodeon for using the battle bus imagery (yes, copyright infringements are real.) Since something like that has not happened yet, there's a chance that this collaboration could be a reality.

Then again, this could be just a gag as well. We all know what happened to the Peter Griffin crossover. There were a few images embedded in the files and that was about it.

We never really saw Peter Griffin in Fortnite but our hopes are definitely up there for the SpongeBob collaboration. That being said, the SpongeBob x Fortnite collaboration could be a huge thing for the game.

Since Fortnite has a huge player base that comprises of young adults, this collaboration would be an instant hit. For now, everything is pointing towards the arrival of SpongeBob in the game. His arrival is only a matter of time, or is it?

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