New Western Shotgun To Be Added Into Fortnite?

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Fortnite has now released its holiday season, and we are so excited to jump into all the action! 

This brand new season will take us through the New Year as well, making it a special one for sure.


The release of the new season saw the vaulting of the beloved Pump Shotgun yet again.

As well, a new shotgun in the form of the Dragon's Breath one was added into the game.

Now, it appears another shotgun may be joining the loot pool as leaks have pointed towards a western-style of a shotgun.

Here's what we know! 




FortTory has noted that a new file has been found within the game files.

This code reads: Shotgun_Western_Athena.


As well, FortTory has noted:

Found references to a Western Shotgun, rare and epic rarities.


This could be referring to the mysterious shotgun a lot of you spotted during the Chapter 2 Season 5 trailer.


We have not seen this gun added into the game yet, and it definitely fits the western description.

Check it out below! 

HYPEX has also noted that the shotgun is going to have a wider spread than the Pump Shotgun, but lower damage and reload time.


Whether or not this weapon will come with the release of patch V15.10 is unknown as of now.

We will have to wait and see, but we would not be surprised!