New Fortnite v12.30 Leaks: Deadpool, Kingsman, Yacht And More Ahead of Chapter 2 Season 3

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Changes are coming to Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, or more specifically, skins, weapons, and more are coming!

While we're on course for Season 3 in the latest chapter of Fortnite, plenty of new content is being dropped into the game.

A group of Fortnite leakers have been trawling the game files, and they've come up with the goods. It seems that we'll be seeing an Easter-themed event, as well as some kind of cardboard shenanigans. Oh, and plenty of Deadpool of course!

Check out all the latest stuff that will be hitting the battle royale in the coming weeks!

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Leaked Deadpool Skins, Weapons, POI

We've been eagerly anticipating the release of the Deadpool skin for over a month and a half now, but Epic hasn't disappointed.

First of all, Fortnite leaker HYPEX found an alternate Deadpool skin in which we see Wade Wilson unmasked! Does this mean we could be getting TWO Deadpool skins? We'll have to wait and see.

HYPEX also found assets that suggest The Yacht will be Deadpool's POI. The giant golden statue with Deadpool's head? A flag made of Deadpool's pants? This seems like the kind of hijinks the regenerating degenerate would get up to.


ShiinaBR also found The Yacht assets, including what looks like a Deadpool-inspired paint job.

ShiinaBR went one step further, publishing designs for both Loot Drops and the Battle Bus! Exciting times.

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Leaked New Weapons

Sticking to the Deadpool theme, Lucas7yoshi found Deadpool's Hand Cannons in the new update. Fancy taking to the island with semi-automatic dual pistols? Same here.

They also found a Crash Pad, which you can deploy to avoid fall damage. It seems situational but could be handy in a cinch.

The final new weapon was leaked by ShiinaBR, and is known as a "Kingsman". It seems like a melee weapon that looks like an umbrella with some sort of portal inside. Apparently it has blue, purple, and legendary rarities.

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Leaked Skins And Emotes

There are a bunch of new skins in the raw data of the latest update, broadly surrounding two themes.

The first is a weird cardboard theme, which HYPEX leaked. It includes both weapon and player skins, where everything seems to be made of cardboard. Don't ask, we've got no idea either.

The other theme makes more sense, as it is an Easter theme based on the Christian holiday, or at least the modern capitalist take on it. This theme includes an "Easter chick" skin and an Easter-bunny-hopping emote, the only emote found in this leak.

What do you make of all the leaks? We're predictably most excited for all the Deadpool shenanigans, but the Kingsman weapon and cardboard theme could prove interesting, too.

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