Modding Support Coming To Fortnite

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The long-awaited season is coming towards the tail end of the month, and players have not been more excited.

The season-ending event is gearing up to be one of the largest EVER, as Galactus looks to destroy the Fortnite map once and for all.


Fans are hopeful we will be returning to the old map next season, but we never know.

One aspect of the new season that has been discovered is the possibility of modding.

'Modding' or mod support is a common feature relevant in titles such as Skyrim, Minecraft, and GTA.

A new leak by a Fortnite data miner has noted that it could be coming to Fortnite soon! 


Here's what we know. 


Coming Soon!

Lucas7Yoshi, one of the more prominent leakers within the Fortnite scene broke the news that modding is coming to Fortnite eventually.


Lucas noted: 

Modding support will be coming to Fortnite...

Confidence for this is its 100% in the works. To what extent you could mod the game or what you could do with it im not sure. But its definitely by definition "modding". more info later w/ someone

This is a feature that none of us really thought would be implemented into Fortnite.


But, it appears it is in the works according to Lucas and they noted more on modding: 

More info on modding: there are some files lingering around the game install at the moment, called "GameCustomInstalledBundles" inside the files

Inside it is just the party royale posters, but I suspect thats just them testing it

How much we can mod the game is NOT clear, maybe its likes scripting, maybe its assets.


I don't know, but this does seem like its something big coming up, and even just scripting would be big.

So, it seems to be a feature Epic is currently working on.

Whether or not it will be present with the release of Season 5 is unknown as of now.

We will have to wait and see!