Fortnite Leaks Hint at a New Gameplay Effect in Chapter 3

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The Fortnite 19.20 update just went live. Although the servers went back down within 14 minutes of being up, data miners uncovered something really interesting in the files.

Epic Games has continuously added interesting little effects to Fortnite, in an attempt to keep it feeling fresh. The last feature to be added was the sliding mechanic.

And after the Fortnite update today, data miners have stumbled across a new gameplay mechanic known as fear.

Epic Games adds Fear to Fortnite

Although this sounds a lot like a collaboration between Fortnite and the Fear franchise, that isn't the case.

Fear is a new gameplay effect that we'll be seeing in Fortnite soon. Once this effect is applied on a particular player, they will be experiencing fear in the game.

How this effect will be applied is still a mystery. However, there's a high chance that it will be a throwable item, or it will be something that can be crafted.

We're not sure if we'll be seeing this effect in game the moment servers are back up again. There are a couple of hotfixes that we'll be seeing before the Fortnite 19.30 update goes live. Hence there's a chance that this gameplay effect will go live with one of those hotfixes.

That's everything we know about this effect for now. We'll update this piece once we know more about it.

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