K1ng0d Duos Cup: Dates, Format, Prize Pool and More

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 is just under two weeks away.

Like any season, there are bound to be some amazing map changes in store for us.

Many are looking ahead to the Galactus event, which could be the turning point for the map as we know it.


However, Fortnite has gone ahead and added some upcoming in-game tournaments that will be happening in Season 5.

One of these is named after one of the world's best players.

Here's all we know about the K1ng0d Cup! 



The event will be taking place on December 9th - 11th 2020; and will be featuring the duo game mode. 




The cup will only be playable in the Brazilian region; as this is where K1ng0d plays! 



Check out the description and format of the K1ng0d cup: 

Sign up with your duo and compete for a chance to win incredible prizes in the Cup!

The cup takes place in 3 Rounds: The best 500 will advance to Round 2. The best 50 will advance to Round 3.


So it appears it will not be too much of a grind for the top players to make it to the final, but you will still have to battle it out amongst the best in the Brazilian region. 


Prize Pool

As of now, there does not appear to be a prize pool listed for the event.

We are sure this is subject to change and we will keep you updated!