How To Shut Down The Radar Dishes In Fortnite

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Credit: Image via Epic Games

The radar dishes in Fortnite were installed by the IO to keep a check on the alien incursion. However, in order to progress with Doctor Slone's master plan, these radar dishes need to be shut down for some reason.

But how do you shut down these radar dishes?


How to shut down the radar dishes in Fortnite?

There are seven radar dishes in Fortnite in total. They're spread all over the map and can be identified while dropping from the battle bus.

These radar dishes have a conspicuous red light that can be seen from the sky. Here's a map showing you all the seven locations of the radar bases in Fortnite.

Map showing all the radar dish base locations in Fortnite
Image via

Once you've identified all the locations, you need to make your way to two of these bases in order to shut them down.

When you step into these IO radar bases, you need to make your way to the dish which is usually located in the centre of the location.

Beside the dish there is a silver transformer like object. The image below shows how this object looks like.

Here's what you need to interact with in order to shut down the IO radar base in Fortnite.
Image via Epic Games

All you need to do is interact with this object and you will have shut down the radar base. This is probably one of the easiest weekly challenges that we've seen in Fortnite Season 7.

Once you've successfully shut down two radar dishes, you will have completed a Fortnite Week 14 challenge. Given that we're in the tail end of the season, completing these missions is important because you need the XP to unlock all the cosmetics in the battle pass.

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