How To Get The J Balvin Fortnite Skin?

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José Álvaro Osorio Balvin famously known as J Balvin, is all set to come to Fortnite. One of the few musicians to have attained this feat for now, J Balvin will be receiving his own Fortnite Icon Series skin.

However, further details around his skin like the price and release date are still under wraps. We can only speculate about the same. But one this is for sure, this skin is going live in Fortnite Season 7 itself.


That being said, here's everything we know about the J Balvin Fortnite skin.

How to get the J Balvin Fortnite skin for free

In an interesting turn of events, we'll be seeing a J Balvin cup in Fortnite. You don't need to do anything special in order to participate.


All you need to do is navigate your way to the "Compete" tab in Fortnite and click on the "J Balvin Cup" tab. You will have three hours to complete 10 games and score as many points as you can.

The top performers from each region will be awarded the J Balvin Fortnite skin for free. The J Balvin Cup will be conducted on August 24th.

That being said, the J Balvin Fortnite skin could probably be priced around 2,000-2,500 V-Bucks itself. That's the standard price for most Fortnite Icon Series skins, so we don't really expect any deviation from it.


When it comes to the release date, there's a high chance that the skin might release on August 26th. There's a J Balvin premiere that is scheduled to happen on YouTube today, so the skin might go live with the Fortnite Item Shop reset today, but that's unlikely since we have a cup in place.

Not only that, there's an emote that is in the works as well. While Epic Games has held their silence on the emote for the most part, we could expect a live viewing of the emote during the premiere today.


It's highly likely that the emote will be a part of the J Balvin Fortnite skin bundle but we can't be too sure. It might could be sold separately too.

Finally, in order to celebrate the J Balvin Fortnite skin release, there's a La Fiesta community event which will be conducted in Fortnite.

As per recent information on his official Instagram handle, the J Balvin Fortnite skin is supposed to remain in the Fortnite item shop till September 9th.

Keeping the skin in the shop for such a long duration allows a lot of people to get their hands on it. This is something that Epic Games wished they had done with the Travis Scott Fortnite skin.

Either way, we're not sure if the Travis Scott skin will ever return to the Fortnite item shop anytime soon. But then again, you have J Balvin compensating for it. Not sure if it's a proper compensation though.

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