How To Get The Fortnite Season 8 Victory Umbrella

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Credit: Image via Epic Games

Like every other season, Fortnite Season 8 has its own victory umbrella as well. These umbrellas are based upon the theme of the season directly.

Since the ongoing theme in Fortnite Season 8 revolves around Kevin The Cube, the victory umbrella bears a similar design too.


How to unlock the Fortnite Season 8 victory umbrella?

As was the trend with the previous umbrellas, the Fortnite Season 8 victory umbrella can be earned by winning your first game in this season.

While that statement holds true for all the regular modes in the game, you can't get the victory umbrella by winning matches in the Creative mode or in any of the other LTMs.

The Fortnite Season 8 victory umbrella is dubbed as the Umbrella of the Last Reality. This very fact raises a lot of questions.


Could this season be the final season in this chapter? That's something only time will tell. But whatever it is, Fortnite Season 8 is turning out to be way more interesting that we could have imagined.

The entire community was prepared for a Kevin The Cube's arrival. But we didn't expect to see so many Kevins. No one, not even Doctor Slone was prepared for such a turnout.

How the storyline progresses is something that needs to be seen. Also, the Foundation was alive. Does he have a role to play in this season itself, or will we see him return once the next season begins?


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