How to Get the Cuddle Charge Loading Screen

Cuddle Team Leader gets an upgrade in yet another strange Fortnite Loading Screen, Cuddle Charge.

As part of The Returned Set, this loading screen is an exclusive item unavailable to everyday players.

Here is how Fortnite fans can get their hands on Fortnite's Bear Beginnings Loading Screen.]

Cuddle Charge

Fortnite Crew May 2021
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The Cuddle Loading Screen is the May Week 3 bonus for Fortnite Crew members.

Fortnite Crew is a subscription service that offers players the latest Battle Pass, an exclusive set of cosmetics, 1000 V-Bucks, and other bonuses every month.

May's bonus offer is three free months of Spotify Premium for new Spotify Premium subscribers, and so far Epic Games has also released two bonus Loading Screens:

  • Bearallel Universe
  • Bear Beginnings
  • Cuddle Charge

Bonus items are automatically added to Fortnite Crew members' lockers when they become available, so all players need to do to get Bear Beginnings is to sign up for Fortnite Crew and log into the game.

May's bonus Loading Screens are telling some kind of story with Cuddle Team Leader, but to what end?

In Week 1 she is sucked into another universe.

Week 2 found her working on some sort of mecha head, with a strange female duck mech in the background.

This week we find out she was working on an upgraded suit for herself and is engaged in battle with some jetski-riding loopers.

Are players seeing a build-up to Season 7 for Fortnite's second chapter?

It seems like a lot of custom artwork to be produced to only show up as loading screens.

It is hard to be sure, but these are some great-looking loading screens, and a nice bonus to have for Fortnite Crew members.

May's Fortnite Crew Pack

Bear Beginnings Loading Screen
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The May Fortnite Crew bundle currently includes:

  • Fortnite Season 6: Primal Battle Pass
  • Deimos
  • Sorrow's Edge Back Bling
  • Sorrow's Reach Pickaxe
  • Doomed Echo Wrap
  • Skill Stalker Loading Screen
  • 1000 V-Bucks
  • Three free months of Spotify Premium
  • Bearallel Universe Loading Screen
  • Bear Beginnings Loading Screen
  • Cuddle Charge Loading Screen

The service costs £9.99 a month in the UK, and $11.99 in the US.

Players who become a member of Fortnite Crew and have already purchased the Battle Pass will receive an extra 950 V-Bucks in their first month's membership.

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