How To Get More Headshots In Fortnite Season 6

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Season 6 Week 3 tasks players with scoring headshots with rifles and a lot of them at that.

For getting 10 headshots with rifles, players will be rewarded with 24,000 XP!

If you want to land easy headshots and blast through the challenge here are our top tips!

How To Get More Headshots In Fortnite

Where To Find Rifles

Rifles are found everywhere on the map. They're on the floor, in chests, in supply drops and Llamas.

You're looking for an Assault, Makeshift or Primal Rifle to ensure you do this challenge correctly and fast.

Tip 1 - Team Rumble

We will say this time and time again, these challenges are made for Team Rumble!

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You and your opponents will respawn over and over, giving you plenty of time to rack up headshots.

On occasion, you can even find AFK players, or make easy targets for scoring headshots!

It's also very easy to find a rifle.

Tip 2 - Knock 'Em Down

There may actually be an advantage to playing a non-Team Rumble mode! Shocking we know!

Playing in a team game, or targeting IO guards, could also be a good option as headshots count on downed enemies.

This lets you earn some pretty easy points, and IO Guards are particularly easy to headshot in general!

Tip 3 - Aim and Spray

For this, we’d recommend getting a Purple or Gold SMG as they have a smaller spread than some other types.

Then, try and stay a medium distance from enemies and aim at their heads.

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The reticle is much smaller but you’ll deal shots faster, and they’ll be weaker when they hit.

Unlike a shotgun, you aren’t like to two-shot a player with an SMG and if you get your aim right you could get several headshots in a row no problem!

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