How To Get Battle Stars In Fortnite Season 7

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Once again, Fortnite has changed the way the Battle Pass works in Season 7.

Bringing back an old classic, players can now earn Battle Stars which are redeemed to unlock items from the Battle Pass.


It gives players the freedom to pick what reward they want, when they want.

But first, you'll need to collect them. Here's how to earn Battle Stars in Fortnite Season 7.

How To Get Battle Stars In Fortnite Season 7

Battle Stars are rewarded for levelling up. Players will earn 5 Battle Stars per level.


Players still level up through traditional gameplay means.

The levelling system remains in Fortnite, but instead of periodically unlocking items, players will earn Battle Stars.

These Battle Stars are then exchanged for items in the Battle Pass. It means you can save up your stars and work your way through the different pages of the Battle Pass to get to what you want faster.

As always, you can buy levels and thus Stars to quickly get what you want.

It's a bizarre way to do a Battle Pass, but it does mean players can get to certain items earlier.