Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8: Pitstop Stunt Training Questline Challenges Guide

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The quest system in Fortnite Season 8 has undergone a massive overhaul. Interestingly enough, the challenge screen is cleaner and much more compact.

However, the grind still remains. That being said, these challenges that have been introduced till now are fairly simple to complete, provided you know what to do.


The best part of Fortnite Season 8 is the fact that you need to interact with the NPCs in order to unlock their quest lines. The NPCs don't feel like a useless addition anymore.

Here's where you can find Pitstop in the first place. And here's our guide to completing the Pitstop Stunt Training questline.

How to complete Pitstop Stunt Training Questline challenges in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8?

Where to find Pitstop in Fortnite Season 8?

As mentioned before, you need to make your way to Pitstop in order to unlock her questline in Fortnite Season 8.

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You'll be able to come across Pitstop near Bony Burbs. Surprisingly, this is a spot that has stuck around for a while now. And from the looks of it, Bony Burbs isn't changing into Tilted Towers anytime soon.

Once you've met Pitstop, you will unlock a list of quests. Here are all the five stages of the questline.

Stage 1 - Refuel a vehicle with gas (12,000 XP)

This is probably one of the most simple quests in this entire questline. All you need to do is drive your way to any fuel pump in Fortnite season 8 and use the pump to refuel your vehicle.

Do that, and you will have become 12,000 XP richer.

Stage 2 - Distance travelled in a vehicle (14,000 XP)

This one is equally simple. Whenever you want to rotate around the island, do it in a car instead of doing it on your feet.


What's more, moving around the island in a car is safer, unless someone is charging at you with a rocket launcher.

Stage 3 - Destroy mailboxes with a vehicle (16,000 XP)

This mission also involves you driving a vehicle. All you need to do is run over three mail boxes in Fortnite Season 8.

You will be able to find mailboxes at most POIs all over the island, but you need to keep your eye out for them.

Stage 4 - Get 2 seconds of airtime in a vehicle (18,000 XP)

This challenge is slightly tricky to complete. In order to finish this challenge, you will have to gain two seconds of air time while driving a car,

The best car to do this challenge in would be the whiplash. That's the fastest car on the island for now. Epic Games took the Ferarris out of the game so you can't really use them anymore.


Once you've gotten your hands on a whiplash, you need to either jump off a cliff, or build a vertical ramp and then drive your car off the ramp.

Do try to stick the landing though.

Stage 5 - Interact with an overturned car to flip it right side up (20,000 XP)

If you manage to stick the landing in your whiplash, you could probably use it for this challenge as well. All you need to do is flip the car intentionally.

And once you've flipped the car, you need to go to the right side of the vehicle and interact with it. That should complete this challenge for you too.

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