Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8: Penny's Build Passion Questline Challenges Guide

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Credit: Image via Epic Games

Building is what makes Fortnite such a unique battle royale. Yes, you shooting skills will come into play but if you don't know how to build, shooting will only get you so far.

That being said, in Fortnite Season 8, we've got an entire punch card that is dedicated to building and harvesting. Penny was first seen in Save The World in Fortnite, and now she's made her way into the battle royale too.


Like all other NPCs in the game, you need to interact with Penny first before you can access her challenges.

Here's our guide on where to find Penny and how to complete her Build Passion questline challenges.

How to complete Penny Build Passion Questline Challenges in Fortnite Season 8

Fortnite Penny location

You will find Penny stationed close to the bridge leading out of Retail Row. You'll find her standing right in the middle of some construction material.

Once you approach her and talk to her, you will have unlocked all of her challenges in Fortnite Season 8.

Stage 1 - Destroy opponent structures (12,000 XP)

This is a challenge that you may end up completing fairly quickly. Fortnite is littered with sweats so you will find an ample number of people building fortresses in your face.

All you need to do is break down 5 odd structures and you're good to go.

Stage 2 - Build structures in Craggy Cliffs (14,000 XP)

This is probably the most simple and straightforward challenge of them all. All you need to do is head over to Craggy Cliffs.


Once you're there, you need to build five structures. They can be anything, from ramps to walls. Building just 5 structures counts towards this challenge.

Doing this will make you 14,000 XP richer.

Stage 3 - Harvest metal from Weeping Woods and Steamy Stacks (16,000 XP)

You know how to build but do you know how to harvest? Finding metal in Steamy Stacks is easy. You need to head over inside the buildings. There are a lot of staircases inside that will give you metal.

However, when it comes to Weeping Woods, finding metal can be a tad bit difficult. Unless of course you make your way to the RV park that is close to the main lodge in the POI. Hack your way into the cars and you will have all the metal you need to complete this challenge.

Stage 4 - Hit weak points while harvesting (18,000 XP)

Again, this is another simple mission. You may have noticed these blue markers that come up on the structures when you hit them with your pick axe.

These blue points are known as weak points. Hitting them will help you farm faster. In order to complete this challenge, you need to hit these blue points.

What's more is the fact that you hit these weak points continuously while breaking any structure, and you get a small XP boost for hitting them consecutively.

Stage 5 - Emote within 10m of an Allied Built Structure (20,000 XP)

You will need to be in a team in order to complete this challenge. All you need to do is emote in front of your team mate's built wall or stairs.

Do yourself a favor and emote behind the structure. You don't really want to be caught dancing out in the open by your enemies.

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