How Many Weeks is Chapter 2 Season 5 of Fortnite?

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Chapter 2 Season 5 has just dropped onto Fortnite with a huge amount of new content!

Players are already trying to explore everything the new season offer, including new skins, bounties and challenges.

We are particularly excited to unlock Mando and The Child for ourselves!


Though how many weeks will Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 last?

We’re here to tell you how long Season 5 is so you don’t have to worry about missing out!

How Many Weeks is Chapter 2 Season 5?

Seasons are often around ten weeks long in Fortnite, though recently they have been extended for much longer.

Season 5 seems no exception, lasting until March 16 2021!

This means Chapter 2 Season 5 will be 15 Weeks Long, at the very least!

This should be more than enough time to grind out to level 100 on the Battle Pass, and unlock the secret skin.

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How Should I Spend My Time In Chapter 2 Season 5?

Playing Fortnite is the easy answer, and there is more than enough to keep you covered for 15 weeks!

There is so much you can get up to in Chapter 2 Season 5, like new bounties to collect, quests to finish and fish to find!

You can also get some amazing new skins, like Mando from the Mandolarian, Mancake a Cowboy Pancake and Mave a Jungle Warrior!

And that’s not all, it also looks as if Season 5 will be one of the most lore heavy yet, answering questions like why does the island rest every match, and why does everyone look like Jonsey!

We’re really excited to find out ourselves.