How Long Does Fortnite Maintenance Take?

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Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8 is currently in full swing, with players battling the Sideways' takeover of Apollo Island. Of course, in just a few months the confrontation will end as players enter Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 9.

With the culmination of whatever Live Event Epic has in store for Season 8, the servers will go down in preparation for Season 9.

How Long Does Fortnite Maintenance Take?


When a new season update arrives, the Fortnite servers are usually down for 2-3 hours at most.

Fortnite's maintenance is usually scheduled for 1 a.m. EST (05:00 UTC,) though there have been a few instances where this was not the case.

The downtime varies depending on the size of the update and how quickly the devs can perform the maintenance needed.

Players who are struggling to get back on to the game after the maintenance has finished may not have downloaded the update properly. To fix this, try closing the game and restarting it. If playing Fortnite on a console, restart the console to see if any updates still need to finish.

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