Free Guy x Fortnite: List Of Challenges And Everything We Know

Fortnite is on a roll when it comes to collaborations. And Ryan Reynolds comes to Fortnite for a second time.

The first time he made it here was under the disguise of Deadpool. And now he's back, thanks to the Free Guy x Fortnite collaboration.

The Free Guy Fortnite skin is also in the Fortnite item shop now, thanks to the collaboration.

That being said, what are all the challenges and how to complete them?

Everything we know about the Free Guy x Fortnite collaboration

When it comes to this collaboration, there are a couple of challenges associated with it. As mentioned before, we don't have a skin associated with this challenge till now, but one could be in the works.

That being said, here are the challenges associated with the Free Guy x Fortnite collaboration:

  • Get hit by a moving vehicle
  • Take melee damage
  • Place coins around the map
  • Talk with any NPC
  • Reboot or revive teammates, or Interact with campfires
  • Use Free Guy emote near opponents

The challenges are pretty straightforward. They aren't too complicated either. Moreover, when you complete all these challenges, you end up receiving around 200 gold bars for each challenge.

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This is an easy way to earn those gold bars in Fortnite. Either way the gold economy in Fortnite Season 7 is slightly messed up.

So, if you're worried about earning gold bars in the game, this could be an easy opportunity to snag some bling.

Have fun!

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