Fortnite Is Returning To Apple iPhone And iPad...Kind Of

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Fortnite is set to return to iOS devices like iPhone and iPad? 

Has #FreeFortnite worked?


Well, not quite, but the game is soon set to return to iOS devices in a roundabout way!

For any battle royale fans on these devices, it’s been tough missing out on Chapter 2 Season 4, definitely one of Fortnite’s best so far, so this announcement should be excellent news.

Just hop over onto Nvidia’s cloud gaming service and should be set.

How to Play Fortnite on iOS

Nvidia GeForce Now is a cloud streaming service, like Google Stadia and others, which let you stream games.


Fortnite is one such option you can play through the service which currently operates on Mac, Windows and Android devices.

Though, there are soon plans for a version of GeForce Now to work on Safari on iPhone and iPad, which would circumvent the need to use the App Store.

With this, players could play Fortnite and a bunch of other games on their devices and Apple wouldn’t be paid a penny.


Players might not even have to pay a penny either!

GeForce Now offers multiple tiers, the cheapest of which is free, and Fortnite is free on the service so you could enjoy the game free of charge.

Though you will only be able to play for an hour at a time, but that’s better than nothing!

There are no confirmations of when the service is arriving on iOS, but it’s expected before the end of the year!


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Nvidia Geforce Now details

Fortnite isn’t the only game available through the service, so fans can enjoy pretty much any game they want!

Geforce Now allows players to access their other digital store libraries, so if you own anything else on sites like Steam you can play those games too.


If you want to try the service now, or want to be ready for if it does come to iOS, it’s currently available for £4.99/month or £24.99/six months!