Fortnitemares 2021: Where to Find Pumpkin Launchers in Season 8

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Credit: Image via Epic Games | @AntidotR

Fortnitemares 2021 has turned into an instant hit with a plethora of new cosmetics and in-game content. However, most of the new cosmetics require players to complete various punchcard quests to unlock.

Be it the Ghostbusters or Dark Jonesy, there are a bunch of quests for players to complete before Fortnitemares 2021 ends in November. Apart from the specific character punchcards, players have also been presented with a Fortnitemares punchcard that features a quests involving the Halloween-themed pumpkin launchers.

In case you are wondering how to find a pumpkin launcher in Fortnite Season 8, we have you covered. Keep reading to figure out how to find a pumpkin launcher and complete this specific Fortnitemares quest in Season 8.

Where to Find Pumpkin Launchers

The Pumpkin Launcher in Fortnite is a seasonal weapon available only during the time of Halloween. Players should also note that the pumpkin launcher is basically a rocket launcher, which makes finding its ammunition fairly difficult on the island.

Nevertheless, thanks to the sideways anomaly existing in Season 8, players have a much better chance of discovering rare loot from the chests available in there.

Having said that, players should also note that it might require them to go through a few chests before they stumble across a pumpkin launcher. However, considering the huge count of chests available in the main Sideways anomaly, it is safe to say that this is the best spot to search for a pumpkin launcher.

Once the player has managed to find the pumpkin launcher, they will need to eliminate an enemy with the weapon. Given that this seasonal weapon works as a rocket launcher, players should confirm the location of their target before deploying a pumpkin at the enemy. Eliminating an enemy player with the pumpkin launcher in Fortnitemares 2021 will allow players to unlock an exclusive Halloween-themed in-game cosmetic in Season 8.


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