Fortnitemares 2021: How to Complete the Dark Jonesy Questline Challenges Quickly

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Credit: Epic Games
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Dark Jonesy was already on Fortnite island. However, something changed and the spirit of Fortnitemares got to him, making him create a new set of questline challenges for us.

Just like every other NPC on the island, Dark Jonesy has a new set of challenges that players can complete in exchange for XP. That being said, these challenges are mostly easy to complete, provided you know what to do.


Read on further for our very own guide on how to complete these Dark Jonesy questline challenges easily!

How to complete the Fortnite Dark Jonesy questline challenges easily

Before you can move on with her challenges, you need to make your way to Dark Jonesy first. Once you've interacted with him, only then will you be able to unlock all his challenges.

Dark Jonesy Fortnite location

In order to find Dark Jonesy, you will have to make your way to Steamy Stacks. You will find this snapshot of Jonesy strolling about right at the entrance of the first building. His location will show up as a text box on your minimap.


Once you interact with him, you will receive your first challenge. And once you complete the first challenge, the rest will unlock automatically!

Stage 1 - Collect Scrolls at different IO Bases

There are five different IO Bases in Fortnite currently. Head over to any two of the five bases and get your hands on the scrolls.

Two scrolls are enough to complete this Dark Jonesy Questline Challenge.

Stage 2 - Use a Shadow Stone, then recover the Spirit Vessel

Shadow Stones were brought back in Fortnite Season 8. These stones turn you into a shadow form, allowing you to move faster than normal.

However, once in shadow form, you cannot shoot or hit enemy players. Nor can you farm. Once you've turned into a shadow, you need to get your hands on a Spirit Vessel.


There are two Spirit Vessels on the map. One is close to Dirty Docks and the other is close to Weeping Woods.

So consuming a Shadow Stone at a crash site close to these two places and then making your way to the Spirit Vessel sounds like a good idea.

Stage 3 - Touch a Cube

This is probably one of the easiest challenges in this entire sequence. All you need to do is make your way to the Cube Town POI and touch a cube.

The entire POI is quite literally littered with cubes, so completing this challenge won't be that difficult.

Stage 4 - Destroy the Corruption Cluster and all Corruption Fragments

Corruption Clusters are small areas with purple crystals in Fortnite Season 8. These Corruption Clusters occur close to the Convergence, a place popularly known as the Cube Town POI.

Once you've made your way to a cluster, you need to keep on hitting these purple crystals with your pick axe in order to break them. Keep doing it till these crystals don't spawn anymore.

Eliminate two such clusters and you're done with this challenge as well.

Stage 5 - Return the Spirit Vessel to the Oracle and hear his Vision

Once you've completed everything else on this list, all you need to do is make your way back to Steamy Stacks and interact with Dark Jonesy.

Completing this challenge marks the end of his questline challenge.

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