Zombies Could Come To Fortnite Again

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Zombies have been the most exciting part of any shooter game. We've seen Fortnite's version of zombies during the Fortnitemares event. This year, the undead could make a return to the game once again.

For some reason, zombie modes have always been popular with the FPS crowd. Although Fortnite isn't zombie oriented for the most part, having these characters within the game could be fun.

When do the zombies come to Fortnite?

According to popular Fortnite data miner Hypex, we could possibly see the return of the zombies during the next season. Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 is scheduled to end on September 12th. And the next season will continue beyond Halloween as well.

So it can be easily assumed that these zombies will be a part of the Fortnitemares event once again. Hypex also mentioned the kind of zombies that we could see during the next season.

Essentially, there are two types of zombies that we'll be receiving:


The brutes are the bigger zombies of the lot. They also come in Mega and Explosive variants. The Mega Brute would probably have more health and deal more damage. The Explosive Brute on the other hand could either drop explosives or explode upon death.


Fiends are the smaller ones in the crowd. Since they're smaller, I'm assuming they'll be nimble. There's apparently a Ranged Fiend and a Poison Fiend. I'm not really sure what the Poison Fiend will do. The Ranged Fiend on the other hand could probably shoot some ranged weapon.

That's all we know about these zombies for now. The next season is a couple of months away, and Halloween is even further down the calendar. I'm sure we'll have more information about these as the days go by. Till then, let's just worry about the aliens.

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