Magic the Gathering Prepares Fortnite Secret Lair Drops

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With Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8 getting closer and closer to release, Wizards of the Coast has just announced that they will be producing a Magic the Gathering and Fortnite collaboration in the form of two new Secret Lair drops.

Announced during the Magic Showcase 2021 digital event, the drops will feature popular characters and imagery from Fortnite.


The official announcement was brief, so fans will have to wait a bit for more information.

Practice Your Dance Moves

Wizards of the Coast hope to perfectly capture several different Island locations and iconic Fortnite characters in the upcoming Secret Lair drops.

Currently, they have only released the above promotional image.


There is no word on how many cards each drop will contain or what exactly will feature on each card.

"Fortnite will feature two special Secret Lair drops consisting of reprints like you've never seen them before—though you're on your own to practice your dance moves."

Fortnite and Magic: The Gathering fans do know that the cards will be reprints of previously released Magic cards.

This means that the Fortnite cards will not feature any new vocabulary or mechanics.


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Universes Beyond

Magic the Gathering Universes Beyond
BEYOND: Bringing various other IP to MTG

The Fortnite Secret Lair drops are considered part of Magic's Universes Beyond product line.


These sets aim to bring other worlds and stories to Magic: The Gathering, including licenses such as Warhammer: 40k, Lord of the Rings, Fortnite, Street Fighter, and more.

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