Fortnite X Intel Surf Strider Skin: Release Date, Leaks, How To Get It, Price and More!

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Fortnite has continued to implement new and exciting content for its Marvel-themed season.

We are now in the final weeks of the current season, and with the season-ending event coming up; it is about to get hectic.


Epic Games is no stranger when it comes to collaborations, and with the recently released Wildcat bundle, it appears another one is in the works.

Intel and Fortnite are partnering together to release a brand new Fortnite skin and we have all the details on it.

Check it out below! 



ShiinaBR was one of the first leakers to note this new skin, and originally had the images sent to them by eggzbee, and XTigerHyperX.

This new collaboration is apart of a special promotion being put out by Intel over the holiday season.


Players will gain access to the 'Splash Damage' skin bundle, which includes the Surf Strider skin if they purchase some of the following Intel processors. 

Players will be able to obtain this skin through most Intel third-generation processors all the way to the new ninth-generation ones. 

A more comprehensive list of qualifying CPU's should be released in the coming days.


Release Date

No date is known as of now for the new skin.


We can assume it will release at the end of the month, closer to Black Friday! 



Along with the skin, players will gain access to some other applications to use with their new CPU.

From the image we can note it will include the following: 

  • Multi-Cam Capture
  • Vegas Pro 365
  • Photo Director

We will have to wait and see for more details on this skin!