Fortnite x Ferrari Is Now A Reality

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Just when you thought, you had seen it all, Fortnite did it again. We knew that Fortnite loved collaborating when it came to skins and emotes.

However, this time, they went on and collaborated with a car brand. Yes, you read that right. Ferrari will now be in Fortnite.


Everything we know about the Fortnite x Ferrari collaboration

Ferrari is one of the most popular car manufacturers globally. From mid ranged sportscars to full blown supercars, this company has it all.

As a part of this collaboration, we'll now be seeing the Ferrari 296 GTB in Fortnite itself. A glimpse of this car was seen back in the Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 7 poster.


And this collaboration is finally a reality. This is probably one of the reasons why the red car from John Wick was vaulted in Fortnite.

The car was codenamed as "Foray" because Fortnite loves being a tease almost every time. We should start seeing the car in game in a couple of hours.

With a Ferrari now in the game, I'm pretty sure that the Whiplash won't be the fastest car in the game. I'm interested to see how good this car performs on Fortnite island.

Moreover, I think we'll still be able to slap a pair of Chonkers tires on this car and take it off-roading too. That being said, I feel the Fortnite x Ferrari collaboration could open up the doors for further collaborations with car manufacturers.

As for me, I'll go get my racing suit, because things are going to get really serious in Fortnite!


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