Where To Find Ferraris In Fortnite

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Thanks to the collaboration between Fortnite and Ferrari, we now have a supercar in the game. The Ferrari 296GTB is the first branded supercar to join Fortnite.

But where do you find these cars in the game? Since they're supercars, they'll spawn near asphalt roads for the most part.

And going by logic, these cars should technically spawn near POIs with high population density. Having said that, here are the spawn locations for the Ferrari 296GTB in Fortnite Season 7.

Every Ferrari spawn location in Fortnite

For now, I've found only five locations where these cars spawn. But I'm sure that these cars will spawn at other POIs too.

Without further ado, here are five places where the Ferrari 296GTB spawns in Fortnite Season 7.

#1 Holly Hatchery

Holly Hatchery is an alien town right now. The residents have been super welcoming towards our friends from another galaxy. And now, they have their own supercar too.

The Ferrari 296GTB spawns in one of the garages in Holly Hatchery. But you'll probably have to dispose the trespassers before you can get your hands on this car.

#2 Retail Row

Towards the south-west of this POI there's a small house with a garage. You'll find a shiny red Ferrari inside this garage. There's another one at the open parking lot outside the big mart at Retail Row.

It's a surprise that Epic Games has managed to tuck this supercar inside small houses with garages. Are they trying to send us a message? Hmm, I wonder now.

#3 Lazy Lake

It wouldn't be a car if it wasn't spawning at Lazy Lake. In fact there are two spawns here. You'll find one Ferrari 296GTB spawning outside the gas station at this POI.

The second one is inside a small house with a garage somewhere towards the north of this POI. I wonder how the car fit inside such a tiny garage.

#4 Hydro 16 Dam

There's one Ferrari right on top of the Hydro 16 dam. It looks like someone abandoned this ride in a hurry.

Anyway, you could still grab it for yourself without any hesitation. It's not like anyone's going to say anything.

#5 Pleasant Park

There are two cars that you can find here. You'll find one Ferrari 296GTB towards the south of the big football field here. It should spawn towards the right side of the field.

The other car is located inside an open parking lot towards the north of this POI.

This isn't the final list. There are more places where you may find a Ferrari. I'm surprised I haven't come across one at Believer Beach just yet.

That being said, these cars are new in Fortnite Season 7. Everyone wants a crack at these cars. So before you go on and grab one for yourself, make sure you're loaded with ammo.

You just might have to knock off an enemy looper or two. Watch your back out their, friend!

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