Fortnite X Batman: NEW POI, Weapons, Skins And Everything You Need To Know

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Although Fortntie's Content Update V10.31 was lacking in terms of actual content for battle royal players, the famous leakers of Fortnite's game files were able to discover one of Fortnite's biggest cross overs ever. Confirmed by the official Fortnite Twitter account this morning, Fortnite will be partnering with Batman tomorrow morning. With Fortnite Season 11 coming soon, we're hoping to see a similar crossover for the new chapter of Fortnite

Although we may already be aware of what is to come thanks to the leakers, that does not mean the excitement is not building as we speak. 

So what can expect out of this latest crossover? Let us dive into all the details!

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Perhaps the biggest feature going to be coming tomorrow morning is the revamped Tilted Town, a rift beacon appeared in Tilted Town just hours after the V10.31 update and, Fortnite players know what this means.


The rumored POI for Tilted is set to become a Gotham City remake, complete with the previous layout of the old Tilted Towners, fans are already getting excited over the prospect of being able to build again in Tilted. Like any Rift Zone during Season X, there will, of course, be a gimmick in this new POI. This time around, players will automatically be granted glider redeploy so they will not take any fall damage when falling in Gotham City.

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New Weapons

Another aspect of this update that fans are looking forward to the most are the two leaked weapons that are coming in tomorrows update. The "Batman Grapple Gun" is a play off the old Fortnite Grappler so fans should expect the same weapon this time around. But, the new "Explosive Batarang" is what Fortnite fans are getting most excited about, this new throwable is rumored to do 50 damage when it hits an opponents but that is all the details we know so far. 

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New Cosmetics!

Moving on from the actual gameplay side of the update we now move onto the leaked cosmetic items that will be coming tomorrow. Little is known about these in terms of how we can unlock them, although many are assuming it is directly linked to the new challenges, maybe they will end up in the item shop!

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New Challenges

Alluding from our previous section, there has been a new set of challenges also leaked that we can expect to also appear tomorrow. These challenges may be a limited time thing for the cross over so fans better be sure to jump into Fortnite to complete these ASAP!

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Written ByNick Farrell@NickFarrell91