Will Paul Pogba Be A Part Of Fortnite

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Paul Pogba is one of the rising talents in the world of football. Although he's pretty good at the game, and he's known for his monstrous speed, he's still got to go some distance.

That being said, given the amount of fan following he has, a collaboration with Fortnite wouldn't be something very surprising. But is that collaboration happening?

Will there be a Paul Pogba Fortnite skin?


It's really difficult to say that there won't be a Paul Pogba skin. We all thought that there wouldn't be a Batman skin, but then we had Batman in Fortnite Season X and now in Season 7 too.

So it's really difficult to take a call on what collaborations are possible and what collaborations aren't possible. At this point I'd like to believe that a Paul Pogba skin could be seen in Fortnite in the near future.

Paul Pogba definitely has a lot of fan following in Europe. Although a majority of Fortnite players are located in USA, there's a considerable number of players hailing from Europe too.


Given that Paul Pogba will still grow to greater heights as a player, a collaboration with Fortnite and Epic Games would not only do him good, it'd be beneficial for Fortnite as well.

In fact, Fortnite could also conduct a tournament for the skin bundle like they do with some of the skins that they introduce. This could prove beneficial for both the parties too.

That being said, there's no official word on this collaboration just yet. Neither Epic Games nor Paul Pogba himself has made a comment on a potential collaboration.

While we all wait for a word on such a collaboration, let's just enjoy the current season and keep our eyes and ears open for any sort of news with respect to this.

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